Oisín Clancy on the roof of one of his current projects

Oisín Clancy is the CEO of SMART ROOF LLC, a company comprised of leading engineers, designers, and fabricators whose mission is to create sustainable, profitable, and beautiful NYC rooftops through the integration of sun, wind, and water elements with landscape, environment, and wired technologies. I caught up with Oisín for drinks at Felix to learn more about his background, his company, and his vision for the future (hint: he wants NYC to be known as the Big Green Apple).

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For many people, the only thing that will get them going in the morning is a cup of coffee. Knowing that the coffee is ethically sourced and eco-friendly should give drinkers an added boost.

There are plenty of coffee shops in NYC that source their coffee ethically, but some go a step further to reduce the environmental impact of the shop itself by building with recycled materials, sourcing their food menu locally, and composting to drastically reduce waste production. Here are NYC’s best eco-friendly coffee shops.

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