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Don Slepian, distributor of Young Living Essential Oils and creator of electronic music, is a very versatile guy. He’s a classical electronic keyboardist and musical entrepreneur. His ambient electronic music has been speaking to the soul of many for a long time. More recently Don’s also busy with the distribution of natural products made with essential oils. You could describe Don as someone who likes working on three or four things at once.  “I’ll focus on a single project at a time while they’re all in progress.  Having multiple streams of income helps to keep this all afloat.”

In the Business As Unusual interview series we go in depth with inspiring entrepreneurs from around the globe. What motivates them, how did they accomplish their success and what business challenges keep them awake at night? Read what they have to say about what it takes to be an entrepreneur and most of all, what it takes to succeed.

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Growth Marketing Conference

“More intimate, more in-depth, and all about making meaningful connections.” This is what you can expect from the Growth Marketing Conference 2016 according to this year’s host, Vasil Azarov. Vasil is the CEO and founder of Startup Socials, a global community of entrepreneurs built to connect and empower people in the startup system. His expertise in establishing connections makes him the perfect host for this year’s event.

We had a chat with Vasil to find out more about this event and what attendees can expect. He promises this year’s conference will “go even more in-depth than last year.”

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Coffee. Many entrepreneurs can’t get through a day – or even just a morning – without it. It’s a good thing for business owner Alberto Afanador that he is never short on coffee. As a matter of fact, being the Owner of Miko Coffee Curaçao, Afanador provides the entire Caribbean island with coffee, tea, coffee machines and beverage related products.

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