Marion Freijsen

Marion Freijsen is the Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer of EFactor Corp., a global social network for entrepreneurs providing them with online and offline support regarding funding, business development, cost savings and knowledge. Freijsen is also the owner of Elegio BV, a company providing business consulting and management expertise in the areas of strategy, vision, finance, international expansion and business development.

“I call myself a typical “intra-preneur”. Building companies from scratch, real greenfield work to get sales revenues going but on behalf of other owners. Having done that five times over the course of twenty years or so, I decided enough was enough – I wanted to see what it would be like to be in the driving seat…”

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Sometimes in the office it can be difficult to get everything done, due to the small inconveniences and time consuming tasks that are frustrating, but important. It can often leave you struggling for time –undoubtedly you would take an extra hour as a no brainer to allow you to finish your tasks in good time. This article aims to do just that, with tips and tricks to enhance your time saving and productivity in the office. Meaning less late nights and more work completed.

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