Spotlight on Fractured Atlas Partnership Project - “Proof  Is Possible”

Husband and wife team Grace and Corbett Lunsford are constructing a tiny house on wheels called the Tiny Lab, to take on tour across America. Their goal? To showcase “measured home performance” through workshops and open house tours. Additionally, they’ll be launching a new TV show called Home Diagnosis – where the couple will test a home to discover the source of the problems, provide a prescription to solve them, and work with local companies to help homeowners achieve a better life in their most sacred space. 

We caught up with this creative couple to talk about their current crowdfunding project on RocketHub, (launched through our partnership with Fractured Atlas) as well as the catalyst for this dynamic idea.

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There have never been so many options available for raising capital to start or expand a business. In this webinar, experts from Genacast Ventures, RocketHub and Comcast Business cover the basics that every entrepreneur needs to know about funding. Here’s the recap of the I4E TechWeek Funding 101 Panel in case you missed it live!

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