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Tech companies are really good at coming up with innovative products or services that change the very nature of how we do business. Without Skype, Basecamp, Uber, and so on, we’d still be struggling with communication failure, data silos and project chaos. However, when it comes to selling technology or making laymen understand it, tech companies fail big time. The minute marketers try to get a word in about creativity, disruption or conversion, the wisest of tech entrepreneurs clam up.

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Disgruntled customers are like five-year olds with credit cards. They throw tantrums. They tell all their friends how terrible you are. And then they go to the store next door to buy stuff with that credit card they have. That is nearly $6 trillion of business according to a report by Accenture.

Imagine you have a blog that is extremely popular among its readers. Tomorrow you decide to cash in on your blog’ success and turn it into an ecommerce site. Suddenly, you’re starting from square one. No matter how well-loved your blog was, your ecommerce site needs to earn its own stripes with exceptional customer care.

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PR Crisis Dilemma: To Go Social or Not

Morally Bankrupt Sociopath. Douche. Dirtbag. Poster Boy For Drug Company Greed. These are just a few of the brickbats Martin Shkreli won after his showdown on social (and mainstream) media. Social media is one of the best platforms to reach out to your customers (and the general public), but only when used wisely. Or, it can be like holding a gun to your head. This was certainly the case for Martin Shkreli, as his antics on Twitter and Reddit caused great uproar across America.

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Passion To Profit

Kids don’t grow up thinking I am going to be a pet photographer or a sustainability expert – and much less, a content marketer (that would be me). But here we are and millions of people across the world are making new inroads turning their hobbies or passions into profession.

These people are inspiring and fun to be with but there is a depth to them which makes you realize that they are as serious about their profession as you would expect a doctor or rocket scientist to be.

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The one overarching purpose of every single marketing campaign out there is to increase sales conversions. Most campaigns are a carefully orchestrated symphony of multiple marketing tools and platforms. From search engine optimization to broadcast television to email marketing, every tool in marketers’ repository is pulled out with one objective – gaining wallet share from the target audience.

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