Oisín Clancy on the roof of one of his current projects

Oisín Clancy is the CEO of SMART ROOF LLC, a company comprised of leading engineers, designers, and fabricators whose mission is to create sustainable, profitable, and beautiful NYC rooftops through the integration of sun, wind, and water elements with landscape, environment, and wired technologies. I caught up with Oisín for drinks at Felix to learn more about his background, his company, and his vision for the future (hint: he wants NYC to be known as the Big Green Apple).

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Coffee. Many entrepreneurs can’t get through a day – or even just a morning – without it. It’s a good thing for business owner Alberto Afanador that he is never short on coffee. As a matter of fact, being the Owner of Miko Coffee Curaçao, Afanador provides the entire Caribbean island with coffee, tea, coffee machines and beverage related products.

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Get Glutes

Get Glutes is an online workout system delivering challenging strength training and cardio workouts to your inbox each month. Members of Get Glutes receive instant access to monthly workouts, Q&A coaching sessions, and a supportive online community.

EFactor spoke with Kellie Davis, Co-Founder of Get Glutes. Davis earned her BA from Florida Gulf Coast University and her Master’s in Professional Studies from George Washington University. Her passion for fitness and love of writing ignited a sound career in fitness and nutrition. Above all, her deepest passion resides in helping women grow in strength both physically and emotionally through the empowerment of fitness. Davis shares her story and explains how she turned her passion into profit.

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FactorPlus has put the Dutch Caribbean on the global map by being the first factoring company internationally to obtain the “International Certification of Factoring Services”. The certificate was granted by the International Factors Group (IFG) to FactorPlus after an intense audit of the company. Curaçao, where FactorPlus started in 2006 and where most employees reside, is very proud of being the first globally to get certified.

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SubHub picjumbo.com_HNCK4005 copy

Whether you’re an entrepreneur seeking to build a subscription publishing business, an individual expert seeking to profit from your knowledge, or an organization seeking to better share information with members, SubHub can make it happen. EFactor spoke with Louise Hewlett, Product Manager of SubHub, about the services that SubHub offers, the clients that they work with and the challenges she faces.

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Passion To Profit

Kids don’t grow up thinking I am going to be a pet photographer or a sustainability expert – and much less, a content marketer (that would be me). But here we are and millions of people across the world are making new inroads turning their hobbies or passions into profession.

These people are inspiring and fun to be with but there is a depth to them which makes you realize that they are as serious about their profession as you would expect a doctor or rocket scientist to be.

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Infento Rides

To bike, or not to bike, that was the million dollar question. Just a couple of days after entrepreneurs Sander Letema and Spencer Rotting launched their crowdfunding campaign, they reached their stretch goal which enabled them to set up Infento Rides, the world’s first real constructible rides. Eventually, 775 backers pledged $479,712 to help bring this project to life.

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Yoga Teacher and Entrepreneur Heather Ivany found a way to turn her passion into profit. Together with her partner, Ivany founded Yoga Netra, an online yoga experience in HD video, delivering high caliber yoga classes via the web, a yoga experience right in your home.

Her website, which Ivany built with the help of SubHub, is her business. Here visitors can choose from a library of videos with new releases added every month. Yoga Netra’s experienced teachers are from a variety of yoga backgrounds providing visitors with a eclectic mix of classes to choose from.

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