FactorPlus has put the Dutch Caribbean on the global map by being the first factoring company internationally to obtain the “International Certification of Factoring Services”. The certificate was granted by the International Factors Group (IFG) to FactorPlus after an intense audit of the company. Curaçao, where FactorPlus started in 2006 and where most employees reside, is very proud of being the first globally to get certified.

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Proudly part of Amsterdam Capital Week, Crowdfest is the very first live crowdfunding festival. During this event the hottest startups bring you the coolest innovations. Think Parade meets Kickstarter; at Crowdfest there is art and live music while you test new products and invest in the businesses of the future. This festival is an amazing opportunity for creating live connections between creators, interested users and potential investors.

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Capital On Stage is the global, unconventional funding conference where investors pitch to startups, and founders pick which investors they want to meet. After 4 years of travelling Europe, Asia and the US and as part of Amsterdam Capital Week, Capital On Stage returns to Amsterdam on September 24.

Catch 20 venture capitalists present themselves to the best startup founders of the Netherlands and abroad. Plus all attending founders are guaranteed two private meetings with investors of their choice during the afternoon of Open Office Hours.

Capital On Stage Founder Arjen Strijker talks about what makes a great investor; things that all startups on the hunt for capital need to know and a culture change in the Netherlands.

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Wonderloop might be the first company ever to raise money on Snapchat, and I might be the first angel to invest through Snapchat. All this was possible through The Power of Asking! As an angel investor I get a lot of hopeless pitches daily. As all the pitches come through email, I have developed an ability to filter through them and now I mostly look at “insider deals” when I want to invest.

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