The First Rule Of Success

I’m sure I’m not the first person to tell you that you should write down your goals, but are you? Alas, most people don’t do it, or do it once and never look at it again. There’s a magic power in writing down the words. Constantly viewing, visualizing your destination creates a bridge from here and now to your future. It’s your roadmap to your destiny.

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Giving Feedback To Your Boss

We’ve all been there: you’re saying “I hate my boss” because you’re pretty sure they’re fucking shit up. But no one wants to say anything because, well, they’re the boss. But as the situation progresses, giving feedback to your boss seems more and more like the right thing to do. How do you tell your boss they’re wrong without jeopardizing your position or sounding like a jerk?

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New Zealand, Fiji and South Africa. It may seem like they wouldn’t have anything in common – but they do. Each one of these three places are blessed with prestigious properties; Huka Lodge, Dolphin Island, and Grande Provence. All three properties comprise The Huka Retreats and are the vision of their founder, entrepreneur Alex van Heeren.

EFactor spoke with Alex van Heeren about both the differences and the similarities between the three resorts, the proudest moments in his career, and what it takes to be the owner at one of the best hotel collections in the world:

I have a serious commitment to providing nothing but the best for guests in every way…

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There is an ancient Chinese saying that goes like this “A journey of a thousand miles begins with just one step.” The same can be said of your journey as a business owner or freelancer: there is one important first step that is vital for you to take very early in the journey. This step helps make sure that your journey goes the distance. Every creative freelancer or business owner must protect their intellectual property.

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