How to Build a Great Sales Team from Scratch

Build a team

Everyone has to start somewhere. If you’re new to marketing, you’ll soon discover that you cannot simply go out and buy a box of perfect salespeople. The foundation of a business depends upon the sales team – without them, you’ll have no revenue. You can’t afford too many missteps or a lot of trial and error in this process. If you want your business to grow, you’ll need to get a great sales team as quickly as possible. Sometimes, an aggressive approach is the best one.

Handpick Your Candidates
You’ll want a large variety of people to choose from. Post an ad to the general public on a site like Gumtree to help reach the masses, but don’t stop there. Look through professional networking sites like Twitter to find candidates who look promising, and send them messages. Let them know very briefly that you’re hiring and you believe they’d be a great fit, and include a link to your job positing so they can read the specifics if they’re interested.

Develop a Winning Interview Process
You want a salesperson who can do it all. They may have been excellent in their previous sales position, but your position is likely different. You need to know that the candidate you’re interviewing will be able to adapt to your methods. Ask candidates to throw a sales pitch at you for something random. You’ll be able to see how quickly they can think on their feet. A great salesperson is versatile, dynamic, and quick witted.

Set Clear Goals for your Team Members
Even the best people won’t be knocking it out of the ballpark with their sales figures in the first month. They’ll need to gain experience making sales for your company in order to improve their technique. Keep a close eye on the numbers, and make sure they’re trending upward. Give your employees sales goals, and develop a system to measure progress. Your expectations should be clear and reasonable, especially for the first three months. Every position at a new company requires something of a learning curve.

Be as Flexible as You Can
If none of your salespeople are able to meet their sales goals, you may have to revise your sales strategy. Cooperation on your end is just as important as the efforts of your sales staff. Communicate your goals efficiently. Sit down with your salespeople on a regular basis, and ask them if they have any questions or concerns. They know their jobs better than you do, and if any part of your strategy isn’t working, they’ll be able to help you devise better methods. The problem isn’t always the salespeople – it could be your company’s standard approach that needs a little more fine-tuning.

Train Thoroughly and Train Often
Identify who is performing the best, and speak with them about the way they do their job. Maybe they’ve discovered a method that’s working incredibly for them. Solicit their help in training other employees. This may mean allowing underperforming salespeople to sit in on phone calls, or engage in roleplaying exercises with your top performers. Remember that every new product or service, or modifications to existing products and services, may require a new training session to familiarize your salespeople.

Remember that the world of sales is very competitive. No matter how great your numbers look, there’s going to come a time where your competitor is doing better. The landscape of sales is constantly shifting. Keeping a watchful eye and being prepared to innovate at a moment’s notice is crucial to maintaining a top notch team.

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