How To Celebrate Your Business Milestones

How To Celebrate Your Business Milestones

When you reach a milestone, whether it be in business or otherwise, festivities are a must. They are not only great opportunities to revel in the success itself, but they are also a time for gratitude and appreciation. Because without the help your business has received from employees, investors and consumers alike, success would not be possible. Here are some ideas for celebrating success.

A Public Event
Hosting a large-scale public event is a fantastic way to open up the celebration to the public. Depending on the milestone you’re celebrating, you can choose to go big with a conference, a banquet, or even a benefit concert. But keep in mind that organizing a large event can take a toll on your employees as it often requires extra work, so don’t forget to do something special just for them, too.

A Private Event
For a more intimate celebration, a private event like a formal dinner is a great way to honor your team’s contributions. One of the best times of year to host a dinner is the holiday sweet spot right between Thanksgiving and Christmas, when things tend to quiet down at the office. Invite your employees’ families as well, and include them in your appreciation. Their support in your employee’s personal life enables them to perform well professionally, and should not go unnoticed. Include your family, too!

A Happy Hour
A little post-workday celebration is a good way to reward your employees and simultaneously unwind from a long day at the office. Happy hours are best scheduled on Thursday evenings, allowing your employees to enjoy their weekends away from the office as they normally would. You may want to consider choosing an all-ages happy hour venue, so younger employees and non-drinkers aren’t left out.

A Staff Social
Set aside some time during normal working hours to reward your employees with a small social gathering. You can opt for the traditional ‘ice cream social’, or offer to order lunch for everyone. Encourage everyone to eat together while you say some words of gratitude followed by an overview of the next milestones you’ll reach together.Thank your employees individually after addressing the group.

A Personal Reward
While traditional bonuses are always appreciated (and should continue as usual), you can take the idea of personal rewards one step further. For example, show your employees that you care about their wellbeing by offering them a year’s membership to a spa or gym. You can get as creative as you like with these rewards, but try to make sure they are inclusive of everyone on staff. Consider offering a choice of rewards if necessary.

A Sale
Many companies are in the habit of offering an annual sale to celebrate anniversaries. Not only is this a mutually beneficial way to engage with your consumer base, but it is also a way to clear your old inventory and prepare for the upcoming year.

No matter how you chose to celebrate your milestones, always remember to include an appreciation of your employees. Showing your gratitude for their hard work will motivate them to continue the momentum, while making them feel that they are a valued part of the organization. With happy employees helping you to steer the ship, you will continue to hit new milestones to celebrate!

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