How To Promote A Seminar Online

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A very good way to promote your product or service is organizing a seminar. In this article I am going to give you some tips about promoting your seminar online.

Begin by identifying the goal of this seminar. Do you want new customers? Do you want to gain more from your current customers? Or do you want to introduce a new product?

Once you know the goal you want to achieve, the next step is identifying your target audience.

Once you know what your target audience is, you can get started with promoting your seminar. It is important that you start with promotion at the right time. For a seminar of two hours, I recommend starting promotion up to 4 weeks in advance. For longer seminars, you can start a little earlier.

A very effective way to promote your seminar is LinkedIn, because you can very specifically target people based on their location, age, profession, study and workplace. LinkedIn offers the option to place a paid post or ad.

The use of your existing mailing list is also very effective. If you don’t have a mailing list yet I recommend starting one as soon as possible, because it is the most effective way to keep in touch with your existing and potential customers.

You can also use the mailing list of one or more non-competing partners if your seminar is of value to the customers of these companies.

The ad or sent mail must link to a good converting landing page that contains a registration form. If your website has been developed by SPIN, you have the opportunity to create a landing page with an application form which you can link directly to an email marketing program such as SPIN Messenger.

Just as important as the promotion before the seminar is the promotion after the seminar. Make sure you send a series of scheduled e-mails at predetermined times. This ensures that the participant will not forget you!

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