How to Use Social Media to Find New Leads

Social Media

Over a billion people use some form of social media on a regular basis. How many ways do you currently have to expose your products or services to over a billion people? The possibilities are endless when it comes to social media. There’s simply no better method of gaining valuable exposure. If you’re smart about your social media practices, you’ll be able to convert your followers into buyers. When your number of potential followers is so large, think about how many conversions that may lead to.

Build Up Your Following

If nobody is following you, it doesn’t matter what you do. You can’t sell anything to people who aren’t there. The best way to build a following is by regularly posting valuable content that users will enjoy. How you approach that is entirely up to you. Consider humor, tutorials, videos, infographics, and curated posts that are relevant to your niche. Consistently and continually posting this content will lead to the expansion of your audience, as well as the retention of followers you’ve already accumulated.

Use Great SEO On Your Profiles

There isn’t a single aspect of marketing on the planet that isn’t improved by incorporating better SEO. Cross link all of your profiles. People should be able to find your blog, your Facebook, your Twitter, your Instagram and your Snapchat listed together, no matter where they look. By using key phrases in your posts, or incorporating the proper hashtags, you’re boosting your visibility and exposing readers to all of your channels. Better SEO will allow more people to discover you through organic search, and most of the time, the people who are searching for these terms are already curious about buying.

Communicate with Your Audience

If you aren’t checking your mentions, comments, and tweets, you could be missing an opportunity to make a sale. If people who are connected to you on social media have a question about your product or service, they’re less likely to research your website or email customer support when they can contact you from right where they’re at. Any comment, whether it be an inquiry or a criticism, is an opportunity to make a sale. Your other followers will be able to see your public comments and they may find your answers appealing.

Watch Discussions in Your Niche

People may tweet asking for recommendations that you’re able to satisfy. Relevant hashtags on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook may create an opportunity for you to showcase what you do. Keeping an eye on what your followers are talking about may provide a valuable insight to the things that interest them the most, allowing you to tailor your business to their lifestyles and become more appealing. Monitor everything you can monitor, and you’ll know exactly how to market to your audience.

Promote Posts or Buy Ads

Most social media networks offer post promotions or targeted advertisement. Facebook, for example, allows you to set very specific demographics. If you know that your main audience is people between the ages of 18 and 30 who live in major cities and love Chinese takeout, you’ll be able to launch a campaign that specifically targets these individuals. With networks like Twitter and Instagram, you’re also able to target advertisement, though the best method is to promote posts that tie your business to trending topics.

There are brands that exist almost entirely on social media. Many startups rose to success solely through the use of popular social media platforms. However you choose to interact with your audience, just make sure your branding and messages are consistent and you maintain an active presence on your networks of choice.

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