Sometimes in the office it can be difficult to get everything done, due to the small inconveniences and time consuming tasks that are frustrating, but important. It can often leave you struggling for time –undoubtedly you would take an extra hour as a no brainer to allow you to finish your tasks in good time. This article aims to do just that, with tips and tricks to enhance your time saving and productivity in the office. Meaning less late nights and more work completed.

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Everyone at some point in their life has been nervous about public speaking . It can be one of the most terrifying things to encounter. Getting up on that stage, suddenly you have flashbacks to that fifth grade book report that you definitely didn’t prepare for.

But I have some tips to become a better public speaker. You can increase your public speaking skills, and give presentations without fear. It takes time, but I hope by the end of this you’ll have a better idea about how to speak in public.

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Charles Bonello is Managing Director and Co-Founder of Grand Central Tech. Prior to GCT, Charles ran the venture debt practice at Three Point Capital. Prior to GCT, he co-founded River Twice Capital, a global hedge fund started in 2010, where he was an analyst and Portfolio Manager. He began his career at Fred Alger Management as a Research Associate, where he covered the consumer sector. Charles is a Brooklyn native and lives with his fiancee in downtown Manhattan.

“The most rewarding thing about my work is the ability to work with and help so many dynamic and exciting entrepreneurs. I wake up in the morning and jump out of bed so excited to come into work…”

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Think social media doesn’t matter? You’re 100% wrong while missing 50% of the market. Many small and medium sized business owners look at social media with angst. Some will say it has nothing to do with their business, or they can’t benefit from marketing, or it’s too much time and effort etc. I came across this article that really hits home when it comes to numbers and social media.

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EFactor spoke to the writer of ‘100 Most Iconic Wine Estates‘, Matthew Jukes. Regarded as one of the world’s leading wine experts, Matthew has been working in the wine trade since 1987. He found a way to turn his passion for wines and spirits into profit, and today he hosts corporate and consumer wine tastings all over the world as well as writing a weekly column for MoneyWeek and the Daily Mail:

The proudest moment in my life was the day I was made Honorary Australian of the Year in the UK in 2012. It was very odd and exciting to be added to this heavyweight list. Since 2012, Borris Johnson and Howard Jacobson have joined this group – I wear my pin with pride.

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Voted one of the best training resources of 2012 by Worship Leader Magazine, Guitarmann is a valuable resource for learning to play the guitar, no matter your skill level. The site launched with SubHub in 2009 and has helped well over a thousand users to pick up the guitar and start learning using the wealth of free and paid for resources.

SubHub spoke with Stephen about his company, his website, and how he turned his passion into profit:

The number one piece of advice is to start something around what you are passionate about. To be successful, find your niche (no matter how small) and be the expert in every way shape and form…

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EFactor chats it up with Kendall Almerico, CEO of FundHub.Biz, a Board-Certified attorney with 25 years experience, and one of the top crowdfunding experts in the United States. EFactor spoke with Almerico about crowdfunding and the challenges he faces as an entrepreneur:

If you are going to take this path, you can’t be afraid of failure. Failure is big part of the process of success. Learn from your mistakes, but never give up just because something does not go as planned.

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