New Zealand, Fiji and South Africa. It may seem like they wouldn’t have anything in common – but they do. Each one of these three places are blessed with prestigious properties; Huka Lodge, Dolphin Island, and Grande Provence. All three properties comprise The Huka Retreats and are the vision of their founder, entrepreneur Alex van Heeren.

EFactor spoke with Alex van Heeren about both the differences and the similarities between the three resorts, the proudest moments in his career, and what it takes to be the owner at one of the best hotel collections in the world:

I have a serious commitment to providing nothing but the best for guests in every way…

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Wonderloop might be the first company ever to raise money on Snapchat, and I might be the first angel to invest through Snapchat. All this was possible through The Power of Asking! As an angel investor I get a lot of hopeless pitches daily. As all the pitches come through email, I have developed an ability to filter through them and now I mostly look at “insider deals” when I want to invest.

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The one overarching purpose of every single marketing campaign out there is to increase sales conversions. Most campaigns are a carefully orchestrated symphony of multiple marketing tools and platforms. From search engine optimization to broadcast television to email marketing, every tool in marketers’ repository is pulled out with one objective – gaining wallet share from the target audience.

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Don’t let the polite and pleasant nature fool you. Canadians are actually the most ruthless people on the earth. Ok, maybe that’s a bit harsh but when it comes to the retail world, Canadians are indeed the most ruthless consumers in the world. Recent high profile retail closures indicate that Canadians have no problem punishing brands that don’t deliver to their own expectations. They are mean aren’t they? Another good question is, does branding actually matter in Canada anymore? Or is there more to the consumer sales cycle when working with Canadians?

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There is an ancient Chinese saying that goes like this “A journey of a thousand miles begins with just one step.” The same can be said of your journey as a business owner or freelancer: there is one important first step that is vital for you to take very early in the journey. This step helps make sure that your journey goes the distance. Every creative freelancer or business owner must protect their intellectual property.

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Uber ‘micropreneurs’ signal the end of work as we know it

If you are a driver for Uber or ride-sharing platform Lyft, a host on AirBnB, or a “tasker” doing odd jobs on TaskRabbit, you may consider yourself what has been recently labelled a “micropreneur”. Making money from your idle capacity – be that time and skills, or assets such as your spare room, car, or driveway – is made easy by firms offering platforms to connect supply and demand in the collaborative economy.

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