You know that I am a sucker for tech tools and stuff right? Well, some time ago, a good friend of mine Fabrizio Van Marciano of introduced me to a WordPress plugin that would completely change the way I generate leads, create my sales pages, build landing pages and practically any type of landing page for my blog.

That WordPress Plugin is none other than Thrive Content Builder. Alrighty, fair warning as things are about to get a little techie now.

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New Trends in Business at Bar 27

There is no shortage of agencies, websites and blogs that offer up social media advice, but sometimes it helps to hear it from the mouths of the experts themselves. On Thursday, June 30th, EFactor Curaçao hosted ‘New Trends in Business – Social Media & Apps’, an evening of social media, technology and networking featuring five business professionals who gave inspiring and beneficial talks regarding the subject.

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Oisín Clancy on the roof of one of his current projects

Oisín Clancy is the CEO of SMART ROOF LLC, a company comprised of leading engineers, designers, and fabricators whose mission is to create sustainable, profitable, and beautiful NYC rooftops through the integration of sun, wind, and water elements with landscape, environment, and wired technologies. I caught up with Oisín for drinks at Felix to learn more about his background, his company, and his vision for the future (hint: he wants NYC to be known as the Big Green Apple).

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How To Celebrate Your Business Milestones

When you reach a milestone, whether it be in business or otherwise, festivities are a must. They are not only great opportunities to revel in the success itself, but they are also a time for gratitude and appreciation. Because without the help your business has received from employees, investors and consumers alike, success would not be possible. Here are some ideas for celebrating success.

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“I’m not a designer”, “Photoshop makes my eyes glaze over”, “I want to create visually stunning graphics that attract the right audience to my brand”

These are some of the frustrations that I hear over and over again from fellow entrepreneurs that want to step up their design game but are not sure how to do it. Well folks, I’m just going to state for the record that I struggled with these same issues for a while, until I launched this brand earlier this year.

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Serial entrepreneur Markus Thesleff

Meet Markus Thesleff, Co-Founder of Whissle Group – a Dubai-based full service boutique hospitality company. Thesleff was born in Finland, and lived in Sweden, the UK, the US, Argentina, Belgium, and Spain before relocating to Dubai where together with his business partner Ramzy Abdul-Majeed, he founded Whissle Group. Today, Thesleff and Abdul-Majeed are the master minds behind OKKUCielo Sky LoungeClaw BBQ and Riva to name a few.

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