Ruchit Patel, Co-Founder All Events in City: “We Didn’t Even Have A Business Model In The Beginning”

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Ruchit Patel is Co-Founder of All Events in City. An India-based online event discovery platform with over 25 million events, spread across 23 thousand cities, accessed by three million users every month. All Events in City’s headquarter is located in Ahmedabad, India. From there, Patel and his business partner Amit Panchal work with the firm motive to bridge the gap between event seekers and event organizers. All Events in City launched in April 2011.

In the Business As Unusual interview series we go in depth with inspiring entrepreneurs from around the globe. What motivates them, how did they accomplish their successes and what business challenges keep them awake at night? Read what they have to say about what it takes to be an entrepreneur and most of all, what it takes to succeed.

“During our time in college, my business partner Amit and I both had several web development clients. After graduation we ended up in multinational corporations but within a few months we realized we weren’t made for the monotonous multinational life. So we decided to follow our passion and start a company under the name Amitech Business Solutions.”

Fresh out of college, how did you get started with your own business?
“We created over ten web and mobile products and served multiple clients with Amitech. When Amit and I attended the Ahmedabad Tweet meetup, our first networking event, we realized there was so much to learn from events. Back then there was no event discovery portal. So we tried to solve this problem and came up with a simple way to discover events – by city and interest and named it ‘All Events in City’.”

“The most important reason for founding All Events in City was to assist people discover interesting events happening around them. This was a portal that was untapped and we we’re among the first ones to venture into event discovery. We were trying to solve a real problem that was a need as well. We really rolled into this. I’ll tell you, in the beginning we didn’t even set any goals. We were just trying to solve a problem we recognized. We didn’t even have a business model in the beginning. We only focused on getting traction.”

What has been your biggest business challenge as an entrepreneur?
“Making mistakes is natural but learning from it makes the difference. Entrepreneurs are always in a hurry and forget about rules and regulations. But understanding policies boosts benefits on the long run. After developing our product, it stood still for almost a year and our metrics did not improve because we were preoccupied with other product ideas.”

“What we learned from this was that you should never stop innovation in a constantly changing environment.”

“So you have to focus on one thing to make it big. As the business grows, analyzing data and maintaining speed and performance of the product is a challenge for everyone, but we are learning how to scale and come up with a better tech stack along the way.”

“Initially we solved a problem of event discovery and made it easy to discover. Now we have a huge amount of data with us and data crunching and personalization of event listing is our new challenge. Anyone can come up with similar idea and technically even a better product than All Events, but the challenge for us is how to stay ahead of all of them by keeping an alignment between the business strategy and product development.”

What’s your biggest achievement so far?
“We’ve achieved many goals in the last couple of years. Reaching three million people and covering small local events to large scale festivals in a few years was a big one. All Events in City has been a university for us. We faced many challenges and solved them. Besides that I can say that our biggest accomplishment is that we build a very strong team that has solved all problems in-house.”

“And we did it all on our own strength, guided by some people close to us. Several friends acted as mentors and assisted us during the development of our business. In addition we used to attend a lot of events and meet lots of entrepreneurs and investors. Some of them are mentoring us now. We have lot of ideas and we try to do all at same time. So, the best tip I have received is ‘be focused on whatever you do.’”

You work together with your business partner Amit. Where do you want to take the company?
“I believe that having a partner is essential when starting a business. Everyone has its own strengths; I am very good at technology, design and exploring new solutions while my partner Amit is more vocal and good at communication which helps in dealing with people. It’s good to have someone with complementary skills around you as an entrepreneur. Together we aim to reach ten million people with All Events in City in next few years. And we hope to then have been helping event seekers all over the world to attend events. Now we are helping event organizers to promote their events and we’re leaning towards becoming a large platform for event promotion.”

“I know that we have worked hard to get where we are now but we still have a long way to go. We have used and are using a lot of tools that help our business continue to grow and stand out. In addition to Google apps, we use Asana to track work and projects, we use Sketch for UI design, and IFTTT to create simple connections between the products we use on a daily basis. We use Canva for graphics, presentations and print design and we’re also fans of using Dropbox, Slack, Sublime Text and Google Keep. And obviously we are constantly in touch with each other and our colleagues by using Whatsapp and Google Groups.”

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