Spotlight Series: Bart Jenezon of 1nspiring Company

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Rocket Hub thrives on entrepreneurs. And we want to help you connect with each other. In the Spotlight Series we highlight Rocket Hub members and their businesses. Read, learn and get in touch with Bart Jenezon of 1nspiring.

While Bart believes his biggest success is yet to come, he accredits meeting his wife during the start of his first company as one of his greatest accomplishments. Currently Bart is runs 1nspiring Company. A creative consultancy business which he co-founded. With a focus on content and co­-creation, it aims to provide creative solutions for businesses. Serving medium-sized to larger corporations, business execs can find broad support. Spanning from business plans, brainstorming, co­-creation of content and project management, to creation of visuals such as animation or info graphics to name a few.

“We co­-create on an entrepreneurial level and love to support great ventures and inventions. I enjoy helping people succeed.”

One of the more unique features of 1nspiring Company is the Creativity Theory, created by Bart himself. It’s a business plan inspired form that requests you provide basic information relating to your venture. Once the form is completed you submit it and receive a visual version of your plan, the purpose of which is to inspire you. “The Creativity Theory is an inspiring concept and management tool about focus, innovation and growth. This method is offered as coaching and as part of our business development program.” Bart invites everyone to participate in a free scan, to try the tool.

As for the biggest startup challenge he’s faced, Bart says organization has been one of his venture’s biggest obstacles. Focusing on further developments and finding new ways to network and get the word out about the project. “We work really hard and our performance thus far has been remarkable in spite of the crisis. We love to inspire and support entrepreneurs; co ­creation is my favorite thing about our business.”

To learn more about Bart Jenezon and 1nspiring Company, follow the news on his Rocket Hub profile.

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FJ Tempelman is content creator at Rocket Hub. In the Spotlight Series, FJ highlights Rocket Hub members ánd their business.

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