Spotlight Series: Cindy Ugochi of Active Break


Rocket Hub thrives on entrepreneurs. And we want to help you connect with each other. In the Spotlight Series we highlight Rocket Hub members and their businesses. Read, learn and get in touch with Cindy Ugochi of Active Break.

Cindy wants to inspire others to live their dreams. “If I can play a role in that, I am doubly fulfilled,” she expresses. Active Break is an organization that promotes good health and wellness.

Active Break’s mission is to support members to move away from unhealthy habits with the goal of emerging an improved individual. Adapting exercise programs consisting of short, fun and engaging mini workouts. Sessions are designed to improve endurance at a slow but steady rate.

Active Break’s specialty are five­, ten­, and fifteen­ minute total body workout sessions that implement slightly more advance moves with each workout that lead up to one-­on­-one trainer sessions. The best part is that you are coached the whole way through while also nailing a healthy lifestyle and routine. Cindy says her biggest success as an entrepreneur has been her opportunity to build a network of talented individuals she can count on. And who have helped her create the company of her dreams. After jumping from project to project and figuring out when to scrap it and move on, she says this project feels different because she has grown in so many capacities as a result.

“Being an entrepreneur has been extremely rewarding and challenging. A roller coaster that reminds me each day why I do this.”

The best part of it all, for her, is using her passion for fitness to succeed as an entrepreneur. Not only does she improve on herself as an athlete, but she enjoys spreading her knowledge for the benefit of others. Read more about Active Break and connect with Cindy on her Rocket Hub profile.

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FJ Tempelman is content creator at Rocket Hub. In the Spotlight Series, FJ highlights Rocket Hub members ánd their business.

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