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Rocket Hub thrives on entrepreneurs. And we want to help you connect with each other. In the Spotlight Series we highlight Rocket Hub members and their businesses. Read, learn and get in touch with Melissa Michaels of INPELOTO.

INPELOTO is an acronym that stands for INfinite, PEace, LOve, and TOgetherness that Melissa Michaels crafted for her own personal brand. Under INPELOTO she has two clothing lines, she writes volumes of poetry and designs a jewelry line called Inpeloto Bella: Jewelry with a Conscience.

“There’s no such thing as quitting. When something doesn’t work out, go back to the drawing board.”

Melissa is conscious of the world around her and is thoughtful about inserting that into her brand. It’s why she carefully selects the materials she uses in her clothing lines and jewelry, opting to manufacture in the United States using organic and eco‐friendly fibers and materials. She decided to develop her own business when she found herself exhausted with her day‐to day‐job and grew to dislike weathering constant shifts in office politics that come with working for a company that is not your own. She made the decision to pursue her vision and create her own company and brand.

Along her journey she has seen the successful launch of her business, but says that her greatest challenge has been, and will continue to be, withstanding the threat of the competition. She knows that when it comes to apparel companies the competition is fierce. But she has confidence in her brand. Melissa strongly believes in her production. Inpeloto guarantees an affordable eco‐friendly, high‐quality brand that strives to make a difference in the community by donating funds to various charitable organizations like BookPals or her local chapter of the American Foundation of Suicide Prevention to name some of the causes closest to her heart.

Melissa would equate her experience as an entrepreneur to talking that little pill in the movie Limitless. She says, “Your brain is open, you feel a fire in the belly. You appreciate life and take risks in the name of your dream.” When it comes to her passion Melissa feels limitless. For good reason too, aside from launching Inpeloto, Melissa is an award‐winning author, she produces a book series called A Look Within, is the face of The Skin Revolution cosmetic company, has appeared in commercials/films with high profile athletes and even had a part in the movie Antwone Fisher.

Melissa Michaels is influential and very well connected. Get to know more about her and her entrepreneurial pursuits by connecting with her on her Rocket Hub profile.

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