Spotlight Series: Melissa Oosterbroek of Social Motion

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Rocket Hub thrives on entrepreneurs. And we want to help you connect with each other. In the Spotlight Series we highlight Rocket Hub members and their businesses. Read, learn and get in touch with Melissa Oosterbroek of Social Motion.

Melissa believes in hard work, she expresses in her native Dutch: “Zonder frictie, geen glans!” It translates to: “Without friction, there’s no shine!”  It refers to Melissa’s belief that without hard work, it’s impossible to feel one hundred percent satisfaction. As an entrepreneur Melissa says she is constantly working on, and developing her potential as a person. She gets excited when it comes to conversation about change, the future and new innovative inventions. Her fields of expertise include sustainable energy, social media and finding new ways of working.

“As an entrepreneur I am constantly developing my potential as a person.”

While she believes she is still on the verge of realizing her biggest success, Melissa has had luck building and sustaining a social media and website consulting firm called Social Motion. She founded the company after finishing business school. It provides assistance with everything from choosing a domain name and building a website. To setting up related social media networking channels.

While Melissa paves the road toward her biggest accomplishments, she is proud of the small achievements she’s had along the way so far. Her organization has gotten media attention by being featured in a newspaper. She has managed to maintain business success with returning customers and has gained new customers through word­ of­ mouth. The long list of testimonials on her website is valid proof.

At the moment, Melissa is content with her work-life balance which allows enough time for her to act upon interesting opportunities which are presented along the way. She feels her biggest success is well on it’s way and she is ready to greet it with open arms.

To find out more about Melissa, Social Motion, or to connect with her about new opportunities follow her on her Rocket Hub profile.


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FJ Tempelman is content creator at Rocket Hub. In the Spotlight Series, FJ highlights Rocket Hub members ánd their business.

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