Spotlight Series: Victor Eekhof of Victorious Company

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Rocket Hub thrives on entrepreneurs. And we want to help you connect with each other. In the Spotlight Series we highlight Rocket Hub members and their businesses. Read, learn and get in touch with Victor Eekhof of Victorious Company.

When it comes to business perspective, Victor Eekhof has a healthy point of view. He works smart by utilizing services that allow him to achieve more productivity, but also allow him the room to be a one ­man operation. With a little outsourcing, he successfully runs his own business, Victorious Company.

Victor is new to entrepreneurship, with just four years under his belt to be exact, but his business experience extends over years. He modeled his current business plan in the likeness of the one Tim Ferris wrote about in his book, The 4­Hour Work Week which Victor says has inspired him greatly in his journey as an entrepreneur.

With Victorious Company he gets to dabble in a variety of small ventures. At the moment he sells Macbook stickers at Over the past four years he worked as a freelance intranet project manager for ING Group and ING Bank. Apart from running his own business, he organizes parties and performs as a DJ in the Amsterdam nightlife scene. He believes that in generally people perceive planning parties as more of a hobby, but stresses that there’s a lot of business involved. Booking and managing artists, looking after promotions, considering risk management, ensuring lineups draw in the right customers, and capital investment are all things you must consider when maintaining a venture in music entertainment.

The ethics are very true to the phrase: “Work hard. Play hard.” He considers selling out The Sugar Factory with a huge party called Wavefiles one of his greatest successes. The full concept, promotion and management were in Victor’s responsibility. He says, “The execution was flawless and it drew in a crowd of 700 people, more than I had imagined. I even found the time to really enjoy myself that night too.”

Learn more about Victor Eekhof, his latest internet ventures and what’s next on his music calendar by connecting with him on his Rocket Hub profile.

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