Build a team

Everyone has to start somewhere. If you’re new to marketing, you’ll soon discover that you cannot simply go out and buy a box of perfect salespeople. The foundation of a business depends upon the sales team – without them, you’ll have no revenue. You can’t afford too many missteps or a lot of trial and error in this process. If you want your business to grow, you’ll need to get a great sales team as quickly as possible. Sometimes, an aggressive approach is the best one.

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Reboot Your Work Relationships

Work relationships often settle into routines. We develop dynamics with people and reinforce them over time. In healthy relationships, those dynamics include communication, honesty, respect and collaboration. But sometimes our relationships are stuck in a less than ideal place. Even when everyone conducts themselves professionally, feelings such as tension, irritation, or resentment may arise – on your side or theirs.

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Conflict In Team

It is inevitable that discord among team members will arise from time to time, and stepping in to tackle and resolve conflict ranks pretty low on most managers’ list of enjoyable activities. But unhandled friction erodes morale and productivity, and can turn even top performers into stressed out B-team players.

When disharmony is affecting your group, you may be tempted to take cover and hope your people figure it out on their own. But left unaddressed, conflicts tend to worsen. Rather than hiding or throwing your hands up in the hair, here are some ideas for managing the issue head-on.

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