Two-Day Live Crowdfest Festival Puts The Fun Into Crowdfunding


Proudly part of Amsterdam Capital Week, Crowdfest is the very first live crowdfunding festival. During this event the hottest startups bring you the coolest innovations. Think Parade meets Kickstarter; at Crowdfest there is art and live music while you test new products and invest in the businesses of the future. This festival is an amazing opportunity for creating live connections between creators, interested users and potential investors.

Why Crowdfest?
Realize your dreams with funding from the crowd: crowdfunding has grown immensely popular in the past years. Amsterdam happens to excel in it. Whereas only twenty percent of Amsterdam’s crowdfunding is done by startups, they raise ten times more funding than their creative and social counterparts. That’s whyAmsterdam Capital Week hosts Crowdfest: initiated by Douw&Koren and StartupAmsterdam the crowdfunding festival invites all start-ups and creatives to master the art of crowdfunding.

How Does Crowdfest Work?
Crowdfest will support and guide fifty individual startups in running successful crowdfunding campaigns. All campaigns combined should raise an amount of 500.000 Euros over their entire run-time, the festival itself will be attended by an estimated 3000 visitors. Leading up to Crowdfest, participating startups are supported with seminars on crowdfunding. The type of crowdfunding campaign is up to your creativity: it could be a reward based donation, a personal loan or selling shares, for instance. During the festival itself visitors walk by participants’ booths, listen to their presentation and use a custom created app to keep track of the product or service they want to invest in.

Why Startups Should Crowdfund
First and foremost, startups are successful at crowdfunding: in 2014 alone starting business in the Netherlands raised an average of 80.000 Euros (as against 10.000 Euros per social enterprise). And numbers can go much higher than that. Second, a crowdfunding campaign helps you validate your idea or product: success rates are instant feedback. Third, your campaign creates a network of followers, future users and ambassadors. With crowdfunding nobody loses: the startup gets a safe validation process and marketing campaign in one (if it doesn’t work all you lost was time). As investor you get your money back if the funding goal has not been reached.

Top Tips For Successful Crowdfunding
A successful crowdfunding campaign markets a product or service that is attractive to its audience; it’s innovative and desirable. In the first phase of your campaign it’s crucial to call upon your direct network. Newcomers are unlikely to get on board if there has not yet been money raised already. The more early-adopters the faster your following will grow. Make sure you have an interesting proposition for your investors. This can be according to funding level, and anything ranging from tickets to a show, a gadget, to repayment with interest or equity.

Crowdfunding takes work and knowledge. It is the easiest way to finance your project but may be one of the most rewarding funding trajectories: with one crowdfunding campaign you focus on funding, validation and marketing.

Are you in? Get your visitor’s ticket or apply as creator at Crowdfest will take place on Friday, September 25 and Saturday, September 26.

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